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Some may still be wary about going away for a weekend - and that’s understandable in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. But, with UK staycations on the rise this summer, Cambridge’s University Arms - which is listed among Time Magazine top 100 places to visit in the world - has everything in place to ensure guests feel safe and welcome.

Greeted by concierge and reception staff wearing face visors, it’s immediately clear that the entire team - who are extremely friendly and helpful - is fully equipped and therefore visitors are well protected. As well as regular cleaning throughout the entire hotel (including 1,000 litres of a spray that kills the virus within four minutes), sanitiser stations outside lifts and at doorways, my partner and I were impressed to find ‘sanitising welcome packs’ on the bed with face masks, gloves and wipes inside them.

Reviewed by Ben Jolley

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University Arms Hotel Cambridge update

In light of the Government announcement on the 23rd of December, we at University Arms and Parker’s Tavern will close our doors on Boxing Day.

If you have a reservation, please know that we will contact you about this, however should you have concerns, please do call our team on 01223 606066. 

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I look forward to welcoming you in 2021.

Ian James

General Manager

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