Muddy Stilettos

Share Published on August 28, 2019

Parker’s Tavern inside the newly refurbished University Arms has a delightful take on afternoon tea from Chef Tristan Welch’s – he was inspired by Cambridge and the long list of legendary academics that have made their mark in the city. So every little dish on the menu has an interesting story behind it, or pays homage to an exciting moment in the history of Cambridge – so you might want to take a minute to reflect on all this greatness before inhaling it!

We’re talking about a trio of sandwiches inspired by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who studied at Trinity College; then there’s Crayfish Pastry Boats, inspired by the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race; Parker’s Football Truffles, celebrating the fact that the rules of football were invented on Parker’s Piece, as well as a delicious glazed apple mousse with a compote centre named Sir Isaac Newton’s Apple. We could go on and on…but that’s your history lesson for the day, now it’s time to dig in!

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University Arms Hotel Cambridge update

In light of the Government announcement on the 23rd of December, we at University Arms and Parker’s Tavern will close our doors on Boxing Day.

If you have a reservation, please know that we will contact you about this, however should you have concerns, please do call our team on 01223 606066. 

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I look forward to welcoming you in 2021.

Ian James

General Manager

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