Paradise – A little piece of heaven on earth

Share Published on June 28, 2019

There can be few urban environments in the world where cattle graze along the riverside, on open land, as they do in the heart of Cambridge. At the bottom of Fen Causeway as you cross the road, having dodged the cattle and negotiated rickety wooden bridges across the marsh of Coe Fen, you can continue to follow the river in the direction of Grantchester.

Paradise is a small island created by several minor tributaries of the River Cam that define its wetland nature. Here you will find several species of mature willow trees, always associated with water, and rich and varied assortment of nesting birds, plants and insects.

We’ve temporarily closed our doors to do our bit for the community, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone away!

We are busy maintaining Cambridge’s leading hotel, behind closed doors, so that it is even better when we reopen them. Our reservations team remain open for business, and will do so throughout this period, and are there right now to assist you and to take your future bookings.

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