03/12/2021 - 05/12/2021

10 films to watch this weekend before the online programme of the 40th Cambridge Film Festival draws to a close

Matthew Webb 3/12/21

We still have many great films available to watch online this weekend. Here are some suggestions below. Booking via camfilmfest.com


Juan Pablo Félix channels his own experience in dance and competitions into an exceptional first feature, alongside seasoned cinematographer Ramiro Civita, a San Sebastian Film Festival Silver Shell winner.

When I'm Done Dying

Nisan Dag takes us into the buzzing rap scene in Istanbul and a glorious combination of music, composed by Da Poet, and colour provided by the neon lights so characteristic of the global music scene and Istanbul inner-city streets.


An exceptional combination of dark comedy and theatre from Ivaylo Hristov. Tallinn Black Night's grand prize winner, set in a rural village in Bulgaria, follows a lone black refugee Bamba (Michael Fleming) greeted at the edge of a forest by Svetla (Svetlana Yancheva) and her shotgun. An exceptional, heart-warming, deeply affecting and funny story ensues.

Memory Box

A timely reflection on the zeitgeist of 1980s Beirut through the lens of a mysterious trove of photos, notebooks, and recordings that arrive one Christmas Eve.


It’s young Minja’s birthday party and the theme is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, all the rage in the early 1990s. While the kids party hard, the adults congregate around the house.

The Real Charlie Chaplin

From the award-winning creative team behind Notes on Blindness and Listen to Me Marlon comes a contemporary take on cinema's most iconic figure.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Another sleek and stylish film by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi begins with Gumi and Meiko (Katone Furukawa) in electric conversation and the news of a potential new love interest. Winner of the 2021 Silver Bear Grand Jury prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Film, the Living Record of our Memory

Film archivists, curators, technicians and filmmakers from around the world come together to showcase the important work of film preservation and why it is needed in documenting the history of the art.


In 1984, the Swedish mining company Boliden shipped toxic waste to Chile, where it was supposed to be properly processed. In reality, some of the waste was dumped on the outskirts of the desert town of Arica.


In this harrowing and insightful documentary, Costa Rican artist Allegra Pacheco, explores the reality and myth of the 'salaryman' in Japan.

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