The Expectation Effect - David Robson

Join us in our Ballroom at 7pm on Thursday 3rd February, when guests can meet author David Robson and hear about his latest book, The Expectation Effect.

You’ve probably heard of the placebo effect and how sugar pills can accelerate healing. But did you know that your overall expectations of your fitness can influence your risk of an actual heart attack? That labels for diet foods can make you hungrier than if you had eaten nothing at all? Or that people who associate ageing with personal growth live for seven years longer than those who associate it with frailty and disability? Drawing on a pioneering new theory of the brain, David Robson will explain the power of your mindset to influence on your health, fitness, happiness, and longevity. David Robson takes us on a tour of the cutting-edge research happening right now that suggests our expectations shape our experience. Bringing together fascinating case studies and evidence-based science, The Expectation Effect uncovers new techniques that we can all use to improve our fitness, productivity, intelligence, health and happiness.

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‘This book is entertaining, eye-opening, extremely useful and best of all, evidence-based’ CLAUDIA HAMMOND

‘This is an utterly riveting and transformative book. You can’t afford not to read it!’ NIGELLA LAWSON

‘As David Robson makes plain in this compelling book, the way we think about the world can profoundly shape how we navigate it. Based in science and packed with smart advice, The Expectation Effect will expand your mind — and maybe even extend your life.’ DANIEL PINK