Join us in our library at 6pm on Wednesday 8th February, where we will be welcoming award-winning journalist, Kully Dhadda.

Kully Dhadda, started her career on BBC radio and progressed to BBC Breakfast TV, reporting on politics and business in 1992. In 1995, Kully became a senior journalist with the BBC’s Business and Economic Centre which provided corporate and business news for all BBC outlets, including Radio 4 and 5, BBC World Business Report and BBC Business Today. In addition, she reported on and produced stories affecting business and industry both in the UK and abroad.

In 2003, Kully set up her own PR company, Flame PR. The vision was to give companies a great experience when it comes to building their brand, and deliver a results-based experience. Her unique insights into the inner workings of top tier media such as Bloomberg television and CNN have proven to be a big hit for companies operating across a whole range of sectors. Today the company produces thought-leadership campaigns on behalf of invested startups, to large multinational corporations, which has driven huge success in this competitive business landscape.

In her Library talk, we will hear about her path to success and her perspective into the world of national and international broadcasting, as well as what it takes to create and run one of the country’s most respected PR companies.

Both hotel and non-hotel guests are welcome. Please RSVP to events@universityarms.com