10/07/2023 - 26/08/2023

Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, 10th July-26th August 2023.

The UK's best-loved open-air Shakespeare Festival, running for a total of eight-weeks.

An evening at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival is a unique experience. The Festival has become a significant cultural event in the region and can expect to attract upwards of 25,000 visitors for the productions which run during the eight weeks of the Festival.

Prior to the performance, members of the audience can picnic in this idyllic setting, before sitting back to enjoy an evening of dynamic and highly visual theatre. The Festival prides itself on an artistic policy which strips away unnecessary theatrical artifice and gimmickry, and the Company exists to provide access for all to these marvellous works without assuming any prior knowledge of the author or the play in question.

The productions themselves are vivid and spectacular and are performed in full period costume with live Elizabethan music. Imperceptibly the evening passes from a glorious summer evening to dusk and then to night. The moon rises to provide additional lighting in a way that no theatre could match. Following the performance the audiences from each venue return to the heart of Cambridge and its many bars and restaurants to end a perfect evening.

Programme: Every evening (except Sunday) at 7:30pm

10-29th July: Much Ado About Nothing, St John's College Gardens.

10-29th July: Julius Caesar, Downing College Gardens.

10-29th July: The Winter's Tale, King;s College Gardens.

31st July - 19th August: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Trinity College Gardens.

31st July - 26th August: The Tempest, St John's College Gardens.

31st July - 26th August: Romeo and Juliet, King's College Gardens.

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