Cambridge Literary Festival presents: Justine Picardie at University Arms on the 3rd of November at 7PM.

Join Justine Picardie as she talks about her latest book, Miss Dior, which is an intimate portrait of Catherine Dior who inspired Dior’s most famous perfume and shaped his vision of femininity. Don’t miss her story: one of freedom, fascism, beauty and betrayal.

Miss Dior’s journey spans Occupied Paris, where Catherine dedicated herself to the French Resistance, to the German concentration camp of Ravensbrück.

With unparalleled access to the Dior family archives, Picardie’s research into Catherine’s courageous life provides a fresh angle on Christian Dior’s legendary work, revealing how his ‘New Look’ emerged out of the shadows of his sister’s suffering.

For tickets, please click here: https://cambridgeliteraryfestival.com/product/justine-picardie-live-in-cambridge/