Cambridge Literary Festival presents Val McDermid, live at University Arms on the 1st of October at 7PM.

Tickets are priced at £12 per person and can be purchased here:

Val will be talking about her latest novel '1979' the first in a brand new series introducing Allie Burns, set at pivotal moments of the past four decades.

1979. It is the winter of discontent and ambitious young journalist Allie Burns is on the hunt for the story that will change her career. The only woman working the Glasgow newsdesk, she needs a ground-breaking scoop for the boy's club to take her seriously. Soon Allie and fellow journalist Danny Sullivan are exposing the criminal underbelly of respectable Scotland. They risk making powerful enemies – and Allie won’t stop there. After all, she is a woman in a man's world and nobody can be trusted.

This is the Queen of Crime at her heart-pounding, gripping best…