23/02/2022 - 26/02/2022

Art Pop Up at the University Arms: Eclectic Eye

The Cambridge Art Fair will run from the 23rd-26th Feb, 10am-5pm, daily. Entry free.

Over 100 paintings will be displayed in the ballroom to provide the residents of Cambridge, and the hotel itself, with a carefully curated winter art tonic.

The brief was to select as eclectic a mix of fine and contemporary work as possible but to bring harmony to the whole within the context of the room itself, demonstrating the power and joy of eclecticism in design, as in life.

The collection has been carefully selected by the directors of Skymedow Gallery, Art East, Nicholas Holloway and Ramsay Prints and assembled for a four day Cambridge Art Fair. The paintings will be for sale.

The Cambridge School of Art will also exhibit 23rd-24th Feb. The fair is promoting the incredible work of Blue Smile, a charity that provides professional art based therapy to children in Cambridgeshire.