“Constable’s Country: painting, gardening and landscape in the Stour Valley” - Charlie Hart

Starting the "In The Library: A Conversation with" series here at the University Arms Library is passionate gardener and author Charlie Hart.

Join us in the Library at 7pm on Wednesday 17th November.

He will be talking about art produced in the Stour Valley from the paintings of John Constable to those of Sir Cedric Morris, introducing the stories of some less well known artists along the way. He will look at the role of garden and landscape in the work he discusses.

Charlie also runs the Skymeadow Gallery Limited, which specialises in East Anglia art. He has written two books on gardening and landscape, Skymeadow and No Fear Gardening. Charlie and his wife, Sybilla, together with their children and numerous animals, live in a farmhouse on the edge of Constable's Country.

"Skymeadow is a fascinating book . . . Every flower, every passing bud, every change in the season is described with rapture" Jilly Cooper

"Charmingly meditative" Emma Townshend, Times Literary Supplement

"A love letter to English horticulture written by a passionate gardener. A must-read for anyone who has dreamt of cultivating their own patch of land" Jane Perrone