The Meaning of Pain - Nick Potter

Join us in the Library at 7pm on Tuesday 25th January, when guests can meet author Nick Potter and hear about his latest book, The Meaning of Pain, over a drink in this relaxed and elegant room.

We all fear pain and we will do almost anything to avoid it. We take to our beds, swallow pills, even submit to surgery and think we are solving the problem. But what if everything you thought you knew about pain turned out to be wrong or only half the truth?

In The Meaning of Pain, renowned osteopath Nick Potter draws on insights from biology, evolution and social behaviour to present a radical new understanding of pain and why we feel it.

Although pain is unpleasant, it is essential – nature's way of alerting us to danger – and is often a sign that something is out of balance in our lives. Stress and anxiety corrode our health in hidden ways and, as Potter shows, understanding this is crucial to treating pain.

“The man who taught me how to breathe.”

Sir Elton John

“Nick Potter has distilled years of front line experience to provide a resource that will equip his readers with the ability to regain control."

Peter J Hamlyn, Consultant Spinal and Neurological Surgeon