04/09/2021 - 02/01/2022

Maud Sulter: The Centre of the Frame, 4th September 2021- 2nd January 2022.

Maud Sulter: The Centre of the Frame highlights the work of Maud Sulter, Scottish-Ghanaian artist (1960-2008), whose practice is rooted in questioning the representation of Black women in art and literature. Sulter's iconic photographic series Zabat (1989), created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the invention of photography, is brought together in the exhibition, featuring portraits of contemporary Black female figures dressed as the Greek Muses. It is drawn from public and private loans from across the UK.

Sulter has been largely left out of art history. This necessary exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover the work of Sulter and her network of female collaborators.

Further information can be found on the New Hall Art Collection website.

Clio (Portrait of Dorothea Smartt) 1989 © Touchstones Rochdale & The Artist's Estate

New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, Huntington Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DF.

4th September 2021-2nd January 2022. Open every day between 10am-6pm.

Free to visit.