Purcell and a Pint

Saturday 26th February 2022, 7:30pm, Michaelhouse Cafe, Cambridge

Join Eboracum for an evening of rowdy drinking songs, popular fiddle tunes and folk songs!

Purcell and a pint will transport you back to the alehouses of 17th century England. Taverns were raucous surroundings and overflowed with music, alcohol, sex, gossip, fights, fumes, shouting, singing, laughing, dancing…. Our performance won’t have all of those!

We’ll be performing a mixture of instrumental tunes and songs by Purcell and lots of his contemporaries to create our own 17th century pub gig. Audience participation is a must!

Tickets include a can of craft beer on arrival from local Cambridge based brewery, Calverley’s (non alcoholic beer and other drinks also available).

Tickets can be purchased here or alternatively contact Chris Parsons at:

Eboracum Pub Band:

  • Baritone John Holland Avery
  • Recorder Miriam Monaghan
  • Cello Miri Nohl
  • Harpsichord Laurence Lyndon Jones
  • Trumpet/Percussion Chris Parsons