The sentient robot: the last two hurdles in the race to build artificial superintelligence

Wednesday 5th July, 6pm, University Arms Library

Artificial intelligence is already shaping our future and now the race is on to create ASI (artificial superintelligence) – the point at which computers will leave the limits of human thought far behind. The pace of progress towards ever smarter artificial intelligence is speeding up. Robots are becoming ever more capable, dexterous and indispensable.

The critical breakthrough in ASI will be the creation of a sentient robot – a robot with consciousness. Rupert Robson proposes a tantalising answer to the conundrum of consciousness and helps us to understand the new, superintelligent world opening up before us - whether we like it or not. He argues that artificial superintelligence, as it will become, could become humankind’s saviour.

Rupert Robson studied philosophy of mind at Oxford as part of his degree in philosophy, politics and economics. After some 25 years, he left investment banking in 2006 in order to write a book on the ways in which humankind might shape the world and in turn be shaped in the coming decades. The emerging possibility of artificial superintelligence and even conscious AI led to the conception and writing of The sentient robot.

He also served on the boards of a number of financial institutions including as non-executive Chairman of Sanne Group plc, TP ICAP plc and Charles Taylor plc

He lives in Dorset. He is married with three children and three step-children.

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