In the Frame: Summer art pop-up at University Arms, for our picture of the week we are showcasing the work of artist Lucy Harwood, as presented by Charlie Hart of Skymeadow Gallery.

Lucy Harwood was an integral part of the Benton End scene where she studied under Sir Cedric Lockwood Morris and alongside Lucien Freud and Maggi Hambling.

Originally a master of fine art, she soon became influenced by Post-Impressionism, and began painting landscapes and portraits.

Although originally wanting to be a pianist, she took to painting with her left hand after her right was rendered paralysed after an operation. Her oil work embodies fiercely original composition with bold uses of colour.

Charlie Hart is an author, gardener and curator, and will be showcasing Harwood's art in the University Arms Ballroom on August the 26th and 27th, and will be giving a talk at 6PM on the 26th.