In my opinion, there is no bad season to visit Cambridge. In the Winter, you may be treated to walks across Parker’s Piece, dusted in snow flurries. In Spring, the flowers blossom and the air smells of freshly cut grass from the greens. For summer, punting on the river and watching the local children jump off bridges into the River Cam for sweet relief from the heat, is the norm. When Autumn rolls around, the city comes back to life as students return to the University and the air becomes crisp and the temperature begins to require additional layers. Ask anyone and you’ll hear the same thing. There is no best time to visit. Anytime is a good time.

Every day, every moment is special in this town. That could be why so many filmmakers have chosen this particular spot in the UK to act as the backdrop for their movies. If you want to indulge in a little Cambridge excitement before your visit, stream Chariots of FireThe Theory of Everything, and Some Kind of Beautiful. Although nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare you for visiting the city in person.

Reviewed by Emily Johnston