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Sustainability Initiatives

As a recently restored and refurbished property, we have rebuilt our iconic hotel with sustainable energy usage in mind. The brickwork of the building and porte-cochère was all locally sourced and well insulated, keeping heat inside. Our windows are all triple glazed, again, keeping the heat inside but they also open for when it is warmer outside.

We have removed all single use plastic. We have a recycling program in place to monitor guest waste. We do not limit guest water usage, but we monitor and measure it, in order to offset this with our own. We have an active linen re-use policy, if guests are happy to forgo full daily housekeeping services, we will reward them. During low season we manage empty rooms to ensure there is no unnecessary usage. All lights are fitted with LED bulbs.


Our produce is all locally sourced, with much of it coming from within 30 miles. We manage our supply chain, grouping deliveries together and measuring our carbon footprint. We use induction stoves, avoiding use of gas. Our kitchen team is trained in butchery allowing for us to make full use of an animal. We have a zero waste initiative in the kitchen, using all of a product. We offer a monthly supper club, Rubbish Cooks, showing guests how to make the most of ‘waste’ products.


We have a strict recycling program for all team members. We promote public transport and have a cycle to work program. We measure the property energy and water outputs monthly and track this with goals to reduce.